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Mission Statement

Lucus Live Ltd aim to enrich the lives of people using live performances from the arts, including music, comedy and dance and culturesou, which is used as a medium of entertainment, communication and education.


Lucus Live Ltd aspire to produce innovative, exciting and excellent platforms to help promote the artform and expand audiences of all ages and walks of life, encouraging their participation. Our aim is to broaden the audience of the arts across a diverse range of population from a wide range of social, economic and geographic backgrounds.


Lucus Live Ltd aim to make the arts accessible to a wide variety of audiences.


Lucus Live Ltd aim to engage in creative and meaningful ways with as wide a range of audiences as possible. We endeavour to engage with other artists, professionals, companies, groups and individuals to create a variety of work and to incorporate performances within as broad a range of the arts as possible.


Lucus Live Ltd aim to undertake both charitable and commercial bodies of work.


Lucus Live Ltd believe that everyone deserves fair and equal rights and we aim to work with, employ and have contact with people from all parts of society without discrimination.


Lucus Live Ltd aim to create the platform for collaborative and original works of performance utilising both traditional and new techniques of production, allowing performance arts as the primary mode of performance.


Lucus Live Ltd aim to preserve traditional forms of performing arts and its techniques through education, research and audience expansion. Lucus Live Ltd will also continue to research and promote new and modern forms of performing arts to ensure that audiences are expanded and that the arts become even more accessible to a wider range of people.

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