What will be there?

The event will consist of arena standard staging, lighting and sound, as well as numerous fully licensed bars and street food vendors.


Are there disabled toilets?

Yes, there will be a variety of toilets from disabled to men’s urinals. We will be monitoring these throughout the event to ensure that they are as clean as possible. You can leave your private pod to use the toilet only and this is restricted to one person per pod at any given time to ensure that social distancing measures are met. The only exception to this is disabled customers and carers are able to go to the toilet together.


Where is the festival site located within Mote Park?

You will need to access the event site with your vehicle via Maidstone Leisure Centre’s car park, which is situated off Willow Way.


Can we leave and come back?

Unfortunately not - due to the nature of the event, logistically it is not possible for you to leave the event and come back, however if you do wish to leave the event early and not return, speak to one of our parking team and they will assist you in leaving the event safely.


Is it safe?

Each customer will be searched and so too will their vehicles. There will be a zero tolerance approach implemented by our experienced and professional security team..


There will also be a medical area on site, where trained first-aiders and paramedics will be available at any time.


Can we camp?

Unfortunately due to the extensive cleaning procedures we have in place, customers are not permitted to stay on site once the event session has finished.


Is there parking provided?

Due to the event being strictly vehicles only, everyone with a ticket will be positioned inside their own private pod, which will be situated a minimum of two-metres from the next pod and so on to adhere to social distancing measures.


Your pod will be big enough to get out of your car and enjoy the event by dancing, standing or sitting inside your pod.


What happens if there’s bad weather?

The weather shouldn’t affect the festival too much, however the ground may become wet and soft, so if the weather up to and including the day of the festival is wet, we have plans in place to ensure that your vehicles don’t get stuck!



Can I bring my own food and drink?

You’re welcome to bring snacks into the event, however alcohol is strictly prohibited. All alcohol brought into the event will be immediately confiscated and you may be asked to leave the event.


Can I bring a chair or blanket?

Of course, you’re more than welcome to bring any seating/blankets to enjoy whilst remaining inside your private pod.


Can I bring my camera?

Yes, however it must not be used for commercial use unless given permission by the event organiser prior to the event.

Can I bring my umbrella?

Umbrellas are not permitted to be brought into the event, as it hinders the view for other customers. If the weather is set to be wet, please bring a hooded jacket. 


What food is available?

Our food vendors are all independent and set their own menus and prices. All vendors will be announced soon.

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